Airworld Tonight

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Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY

Group Exhibition (performance/tv broadcast)

Works Shown

Airworld series (1999-2000)

2000, Various projects

The Airworld series was initiated at the “World Views” residency programme in World Trade Center’s 91st floor in 1999. Airworld developed into a series of intervention into global capitalism that ran between 1999-2000. These included distributed banner ads, a pirate radio station, an installation, several net art projects, and a video.

Airworld Jargon Machine

1999, From the Airworld series

The McCoys use software to scan the websites where the Airworld Banner Ads were displayed, collecting their texts and press releases for a database. The Airworld site extracts from this database to create unique texts for each visitor to the site. These texts presented a flood of corporate jargon. In addition, the Jargon Machine searches for images using the, then current, AltaVista image search and automatically assembled the results into a streaming video.