Video Viewpoints

Nov. 1, 2001 - Dec. 1, 2001

Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, screening and lecture MoMA’s Video Viewpoints provides a forum for artists to show and talk about their latest projects. By creating a space for discussion of recent works, the Museum presents an evolving perspective on video and media art – an important resource for this fast-changing art form.

Works Shown

The Babysitter Tapes

1999, Performance

A series of performances in which a participant watches an episode of Starsky & Hutch that the audience can not see. The performer describes the action and visual description of the show to the audience in as much detail as possible.

Every Shot, Every Episode

2001, installation with electronic sculpture

The source material for this work is a collection of 10,000 shots from Starsky & Hutch. Each episode is broken down into a series of individual shots. The artists have assigned key words to each shot: every plaid, every sexy outfit, every yellow Volkswagen, etc. There are 278 categories in total. Each category is archived on an individual video CD which is labelled in clear, bold lettering and installed in the gallery on a shelf. Video CDs are chosen by the gallery visitor and played via the built-in video screen.