Airworld Tonight

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Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY

Group Exhibition (performance/tv broadcast)

Works Shown

Airworld Jargon Machine

1999, From the Airworld series

The McCoys use software to scan the websites where the Airworld Banner Ads were displayed, collecting their texts and press releases for a database. The Airworld site extracts from this database to create unique texts for each visitor to the site. These texts presented a flood of corporate jargon. In addition, the Jargon Machine searches for images using the, then current, AltaVista image search and automatically assembled the results into a streaming video.

Airworld series (1999-2000)

2000, Various projects

The Airworld series was initiated at the “World Views” residency programme in World Trade Center’s 91st floor in 1999. Airworld developed into a series of intervention into global capitalism that ran between 1999-2000. These included distributed banner ads, a pirate radio station, an installation, several net art projects, and a video.