The Next 5 Minutes, Tactical Media

Jan. 18, 1996 - Jan. 21, 1996


Group Exhibition (Performance) An international conference and festival series on Tactical Media, organized in four editions between 1993 and 2003. Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media is a conference and exhibition that took place in Amsterdam's de Balie and Paradiso and in Rotterdam's V2_Organisation from January 18th till January 21st 1996. Under the heading of Tactical Media, the Next 5 Minutes patrolled the troublesome borders between art, technology, media and politics. The event brought together media tacticians from around the world whose initiatives in television, radio and computer networking were creating new spaces between the underground and mainstream media. As well as public debates, exhibitions and workshops there were continuous and accessible live television, radio, electronic conferencing together with an up to the minute on-line journal.

Works Shown