March 1, 2013 - March 4, 2013

Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair

Projects from the Postmasters Exhibition, 2112, exhibited at the New York version of the video fair.

Works Shown

In Front of the Substation

2012, sculpture with electronics

In Front of the Substation depicts a utilitarian building perched on sand and debris. Safety orange fencing has been partially destroyed. The embedded video monitor shows images of acid colored rushing water.

Along the Roadside

2012, sculpture with electronics

The sculptures in this series present liminal spaces, areas posited to be next to the desirable landmarks of contemporary life. In Along the Roadside, a photograph of a cement factory looms behind a farm as a video imagines the road trip to get there.

At The Old Headquarters

2012, sculpture with electronics

In At the Old Headquarters, a cast plaster miniature of an office building sinks into roofing tar. Markings on the building are reminiscent of pixacao, Brazlian graffitti often found on multi story squat buildings. A roof mounted monitor shows a distorted and duplicated looping image of a parking lot.

The New Headquarters


Based on existing architectural schemes for Belle Isle, an island in the river next to Detroit, this sculpture envisions the skyline of a free market, off shore property development. The video depicts abstracted images of drag racing in the streets of Detroit.

Behind the Hillside

2012, electronic sculpture

In Behind the Hillside, miniature garbage covers the ostensible back side of a hill. The front of the hill is absent, posited to be the desirable site. Amongst the garbage, a small video monitor plays an interrupted image of wild grasslands.