Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

Nov. 8, 2003 - Jan. 17, 2004

Galerie Guy Bartschi

solo exhibition

Works Shown

Clouds #10 (refugees)

2005, Wall-mounted kinetic video sculpture

One from a series of miniature works inspired by Alfred Stieglitz’s Equivalent Series(1922-35), a photographic study of clouds as pure pattern. In each work, a cloud formation is fashioned from cotton wool and other materials and affixed to a cylinder. The cylinder is mounted to a motor, which rotates it slowly. A live video camera captures this image which gives the appearance of clouds moving across the sky. In the foreground of the live video image, a group of refugees walk slowly single file down a road beneath an unforgiving sky.

Eternal Return

2003, Installation with table-mounted kinetic sculpture

Eternal Return is based on the classic film The Gay Divorcee starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Miniature dancing figures, captured from multiple angles, are filmed by live video cameras which cut from one shot to another, creating a video sequence evoking the original film. The soundtrack is an excerpt of the song The Continental. The project contains a platform with multiple motors and is projected into the space of the gallery