Nov. 12, 2021 - Dec. 12, 2021

Fiendish Plots

Cups and strings-telecom wires-internet trace routes-interstates. Throughout the pandemic’s two years all these lineages have been mined and evaluated in terms of their utility, expansiveness, and communicative capacities. How can we connect? When can we travel? Who can we talk to? How can we talk? How few people can we talk to en route? In this site-specific, road movie as drawing show exhibition, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy link two American Lincolns--the tunnel in New York City and the city of Lincoln--with a series of drawings marking each place as well as the cities in between them geographically. The McCoys have a long history of developing novel software and hardware to complete both gallery based installations and time based work. During the pandemic months, Kevin McCoy developed a large scale software driven plotter that deploys traditional art materials (pen, ink, charcoal) to translate photography into beautifully detailed line drawings. In “Lincoln2Lincoln,” the McCoys work from photographs along Interstate 80 to explore the shifting landscape of their westward journey from Brooklyn, NY. With place name titles, like “Howe,” “Kewannee,” and “Clarion,” these drawings evoke the non-iconic, the places on the way, in between, and driven by. Within the lines of the drawings a story is told about the pen’s capacity to create meaning through tracing the routes between marks on the paper.

Works Shown


2021, Acrylic paint and charcoal on paper

This set of drawings was made tracing an image route from the Lincoln Tunnel to Lincoln, NE.