Nov. 1, 2013 - Dec. 2, 2014

1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA

Two person exhibition. INTRAFACING: Dina Kelberman and Jennifer and Kevin McCoy includes works that explore the abundant, heterogeneous and mediated character of contemporary imagery. Dina Kelberman’s web-based experiments gather, organize, and reintroduce imagery from found sources such as product advertising, popular cartoons, and amateur photography. Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s multimedia dioramas call to mind the vignette–a moment in a larger narrative–and investigate the meaning-making process that occurs between an image and its viewer.

Works Shown

In Front of the Substation

2012, sculpture with electronics

In Front of the Substation depicts a utilitarian building perched on sand and debris. Safety orange fencing has been partially destroyed. The embedded video monitor shows images of acid colored rushing water.

Priest of the Temple

2012, installation with live cameras

In Priest of the Temple, an office building juts out of a Mt. Rushmore-style mountain. The embedded video is based on the actions of a Silicon Valley hotel spa. Behind the building, a portrait of Intel co-founder Gordon Moore looms like a Pyongyang mural. Gordon Moore's prophetic observation, Moore's Law, states that the computing power of a microchip will double every two years. Moore himself in a 2005 interview provided an amendment to this law when he added, "The law can't continue forever. The nature of exponentials is that you push them out and eventually disaster happens."

At The Old Headquarters

2012, sculpture with electronics

In At the Old Headquarters, a cast plaster miniature of an office building sinks into roofing tar. Markings on the building are reminiscent of pixacao, Brazlian graffitti often found on multi story squat buildings. A roof mounted monitor shows a distorted and duplicated looping image of a parking lot.

Between the Resorts

2012, sculpture with electronics

Between the Resorts depicts a no mans land between a simulated ski slope and a simulated water park. Embedded video shows images of sand blowing across pavement.