Installation View

Nov. 11, 2011 - Jan. 14, 2012

Collectorspace, Istanbul, Turkey

Solo Exhibition (curatorial project):Installation View: Streaming Live from a Private New York Collection is a curatorial project by US-based artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy that explores “the private lives of artworks.” For their investigation, the artist/curators have gained access to an extensive private contemporary art collection, and have selected works by William Eggleston, Fischli & Weiss, Susan Hamburger, Louise Lawler, Abelardo Morell, Gabriel Orozco, Richard Serra, Stephen Shore, Thomas Struth, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Jeff Wall. Rather than bring the actual artworks to the exhibition space, the McCoys stream live images from the original locations where the pieces are currently being displayed (or stored) to screens in the gallery. The artists reference Louise Lawler’s ongoing practice of capturing art behind the scenes by observing the selected artworks “in their natural habitats”—some in the collector’s home, others in the living room and the garden of his country house, in a storage facility, guesthouse, or artist studio. The McCoys’ curatorial intervention questions the presumed primacy of direct visual experience in art, and invites viewers to challenge the way they are trained to view artworks or visit curated exhibitions. An artwork itself in disguise, this exhibition explores the notion of “display” both in its content and its own structure. Some of the works included in the show are images or representations of a display while others are presented to highlight the act of display. Installation View has been initiated at 601Artspace in New York City before being shown simultaneously at collectorspace in Istanbul, and uses two different display formats to bring the views of the artworks from their private locations to exhibition spaces in two different time zones. Live images of the artworks can be viewed 24/7 from the street in front of the collectorspace location. In conjunction with this exhibition, a video interview with the collector whose collection houses the artworks that the McCoys bring to the public is presented in the resource library of collectorspace.

Works Shown

Installation View

2011, live video feed projection installation

installation / curatorial project: For Installation View, the McCoys bend their artistic practice of revealing how meaning is made, to focus on how meaning is displayed. Their curatorial effort here aims to discover the private lives of art works. As an intervention into 601’s affiliated collection, they have created a site-specific exhibition out of non-site-specific art. Whether situated outdoors, in a guesthouse, or in an artist’s studio, Installation View shows artworks the way they more frequently exist, instead of in a state of exhibition. Playing off of Louise Lawler’s ongoing practice of capturing art behind the scenes, the McCoys will project images from a network of live feed cameras in order to better observe the natural habitats of art. Artists included: WILLIAM EGGLESTON FISCHLI & WEISS SUSAN HAMBURGER LOUISE LAWLER ABELARDO MORELL GABRIEL OROZCO RICHARD SERRA STEPHEN SHORE THOMAS STRUTH HIROSHI SUGIMOTO JEFF WALL