The Horror Show

Aug. 2, 2009 - Sept. 11, 2009

The Dorsky Gallery, Long Island City, NY

Group exhibition: curated by Debra Tolchinsky and Dave Tolchinsky. What should a collection of art about horror look like, and how might the things that frighten us be represented?

Works Shown

Big Box

2007, Sculptural video installation with video display

In the two Big Box sculptures, models of an American-style big box shopping mall are placed on a slowly rotating turntable. The clean, nearly featureless buildings facades have been modified. In one reality, a trash-filled wasteland, and in another an over-grown jungle. In the wasteland, zombies have made advances. In the jungle, the mall has been converted to a biosphere. A single camera films the scene, presenting it as a drive-by view on wall mounted monitors.