Capturing Time, Mapping the Moment

Feb. 12, 2008 - Feb. 17, 2008

Artefact Festival,STUK Kunstcentrum, Leuven, Belgium

Group Exhibition, This year's theme is Capturing Time - Mapping the Moment, bringing the question of media specificity to the art and literary world's never-ending fascination with time/space relationships. This year's festival is packed with installations, performances, and special projects that "try to capture, record or reconstruct a certain moment, a space or an emotion" by "look[ing] into the relations and differences between human, machine or digital memories; between a personal and a collective memory." The list of exhibiting artists includes Jim Campbell, Harun Farocki, Spencer Finch, and Jennifer & Kevin McCoy and performers include Audiostore / Eavesdropper, Champ d'Action, Machinefabriek, Milanese, Modeselektor, and others.

Works Shown

Traffic #1: Our Second Date

2004, Installation with video projection

This tabletop miniature kinetic sculpture collapses two linked narratives. In Our Second Date, one narrative is a small-scale recreation of a scene from the film Week End by Jean Luc Godard, with its majestic travelling shot reduced here to an infinitely spinning disc. The other is a tableau portraying the artists themselves in the act of watching the film on a Parisian small- screen cineama: a live video feed of the cinematic recreation on the table next to them appears on their screen. In the gallery space, a projected video sequence cuts between images of the artists in their miniature seats and images of the film scene they are watching.