The World is My Imagination

Sept. 7, 2007 - Oct. 31, 2007

CUBE, Manchester, UK

Curated by Andrea Zapp, nine international projects display miniscule scenery with particular and ingenious methods within the field of media arts and environment. Film, photography, digital imagery, sounds, model objects and even tiny plants are embedded into custom-built rooms and miniature interfaces, to establish a story; opposing a playful, dreamlike world against the real, in relation to Schopenhauer's view that 'the world is my imagination'. Artists include: Nick Hardy, UK; h.o. Media Group, Japan; Hilary Jack, UK; Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, USA; Markus Kison, Germany; Amanda Oliphant, UK; Mark Pilkington, UK; Joel Porter, UK; Andrea Zapp, Germany/UK

Works Shown

Traffic #2: At Home

2004, Installation with video projection

Each of these tabletop miniature kinetic sculptures involves two linked narratives. In At Home, the film reference is Sugarland Express by Steven Spielberg. The other is a tableau portraying the artists themselves in the act of watching the film at home on a small television- a live video feed of the cinematic recreation appears on their screen. In the gallery space, a video sequence cuts back and forth between images of the artists in their viewing environment and images of the film scene they are watching. The soundtrack is taken from the original film sequence.