Experimenta Playground

Aug. 25, 2007 - Sept. 23, 2007

International Biennial of Media Arts, Melbourne, Australia

Escape into Experimenta Playground, an exhibition of media art that begs to be touched and invites your interaction. The digital media playground that has thrilled thousands of people in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide is coming to Perth as part of the 2008 AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things. The exhibition features some of the most innovative and playful artworks by Australian and international artists and includes interactive artworks, video installations and short films.

Works Shown

Double Fantasy

2005, Sculptural video installation with projection.

The artists are rendered in miniature as if they were childhood friends and their fantasy scenarios are depicted. One is a simple country wedding ceremony, the other an epic mideval battle. The miniatures are fixed to either side of a vertically-oriented platform which is mounted on a floor-based stand. Live video cameras capture images of the unmoving tableaux, which are then sequenced by custom software into an endlessly looping live video sequence that is projected on the adjacent wall.