March 4, 2007 - April 29, 2007

Rockland Center for the Arts, Nyack, NY

JiffY PoP celebrates the landscape of our consumer driven society that bombards us with symbols, logos and marketing images, filled with promises of a better life by acquiring "stuff". The exhibition focuses on artwork that specifically references the lexicon of consumer images, updating and reinventing what the Pop Art Movement of the 60's began. Artists: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Vandana Jain, Pierre Obando, Heidi Cody, Justin Faunce, Peter Artin and Liz Prince.

Works Shown

Big Box

2007, Sculptural video installation with video display

In the two Big Box sculptures, models of an American-style big box shopping mall are placed on a slowly rotating turntable. The clean, nearly featureless buildings facades have been modified. In one reality, a trash-filled wasteland, and in another an over-grown jungle. In the wasteland, zombies have made advances. In the jungle, the mall has been converted to a biosphere. A single camera films the scene, presenting it as a drive-by view on wall mounted monitors.