Through the Rabbit Hole

Nov. 26, 2006 - June 4, 2007

21c Museum, Louisville, KY

The surrealistic sphere where the artistic imagination slides and seeps into reality is the tantalizing territory explored in this exhibition. Following the example of Lewis Carroll’s famous heroine, we fall into a dream and through a rabbit hole, entering a topsy-turvy world where logical expectations of scale are dramatically altered, and where fantastical elements—the inhabitants, architecture, or topography—invite us to examine the nature of dreams and myths, both individual and communal, born of our sleeping and our waking. In this exhibition, dreamscapes replace landscapes. From enchanted wintry scenes captured in photographs and within snow globes, to the endless, miniature library where a projected figure holds a book, to a gold-brick floor, to an ink-drawn panoply of fairy–tale creatures, to figures who scale a cathedral, ride reindeer, or come to illusory life as cowboys, secretive scientists, and more, these works belong to the realm of fantasy.

Works Shown

Double Fantasy 2 (sex)

2006, Sculptural video installation with projection.

The artists are portrayed as young people in a miniature tableau which reconstructs an early experience in which a future sexual experience was imagined. The sculpture consists of a vertically-oriented platform mounted on a floor-based stand. Miniature elements, lighting and cameras are mounted on either side of the platform. The live video cameras capture shots of the tableau, which are sequenced by computer into an endlessly looping live video, projected as part of the installation.