May 11, 2004 - June 12, 2004

S.F. Cameraworks

Group Exhibition, curated by Marisa Olson-The Pop art era of Warhol and Lichtenstein may have officially come to pass, but the movement has not ended. In today's moving image culture, the context of Pop art is ripe for reconsideration-a "remixing" if you will. The creative strategy of appropriation has only grown, in function and in source-material, since the Television experiments and video art of the 1960s. Just as Pop artists of that era lifted logos and vernacular imagery, the work in POP_Remix takes as its marrow appropriated segments of popular films, TV programs, and video games. The deconstructed and remixed results serve as meditations on mainstream image-making and its cultural import. Cory Arcangel / BEIGE, Matthew Biederman, Anthony Discenza, Radical Software Group (RSG) featuring Alex Galloway, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Paul Pfeiffer

Works Shown

How I Learned

2002, Sculpture with electronics

This project asks, if everything you knew came from the TV show Kung Fu, what would you know? The original programme is broken down shot by shot and entered into a database. Each clip is categorized by the artists according to lessons that it might teach a viewer. The lessons fall into four categories, ‘How I Learned About Religion’, ‘’How I Learned About Filmmaking’, ‘How I Learned About Society’, and ‘How I Learned About Capitalism.’

Every Shot, Every Episode

2001, installation with electronic sculpture

The source material for this work is a collection of 10,000 shots from Starsky & Hutch. Each episode is broken down into a series of individual shots. The artists have assigned key words to each shot: every plaid, every sexy outfit, every yellow Volkswagen, etc. There are 278 categories in total. Each category is archived on an individual video CD which is labelled in clear, bold lettering and installed in the gallery on a shelf. Video CDs are chosen by the gallery visitor and played via the built-in video screen.