Future Cinema

Nov. 16, 2002 - March 30, 2003

zkm, Zentrum fur Kunst und Medien Technologie,Karlsruhe, Germany

The Cinematic Imaginary after Film Curated by Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel Group Exhibition (traveling 2003-2004 to Kiasma Museum of Art, Helsinki, Finland ICC Media Center, Tokyo): The conditions of cinematographic art have changed radically over the past years. On the verge of a material revolution new possibilities of camera and production techniques have emerged that also allow new modes of narration and image languages. FUTURE CINEMA is the first major international exhibition of current art practice in the domain of video, film, computer and web based installations that embody and anticipate new cinematic techniques and modes of expression.

Works Shown

Horror Chase

2002, installation with custom software

This work is based on the climatic chase sequence from Evil Dead II. The artists re-enact the scene on a specially designed stage set. Each shot in the sequence is individually digitized. Custom computer software selects these clips at random, playing them back in a seamless but continuously variable way, changing the speed and direction of play. The images are projected at cinematic scale and the computer hardware is installed in a black briefcase, which forms part of the installation.