image:Image is a Projection


2005, Galeria Mille Eventi

Solo Exhibition: La coppia di artisti statunitensi, che lavora in collaborazione dal 1996, presenta per l’occasione sei opere tra le piu’ recenti e rappresentative della loro ricerca artistica sul video e l’installazione. Cinque delle sei opere sono inedite mentre una, “How we met”, è stata gia’ esposta durante il 2004 nella mostra “Terminal 5” presso l’aeroporto JFK di New York. …



2005, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY

“Land-E-scape” is an exhibtion primarily of the gallery artists; all selected projects explore the idea of contemporary landscape in often unorthodox ways. Among the works in the show are: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s miniature movie set with nocturnal seashore film sequence complete with industrial sabotage and explosions, Steve Mumford’s painting of a sinking Land Rover, Spencer Finch’s atmospheric studies recreating …

image:Night Sites


2005, Kunstverein Hanover

Eija-Liisa Ahtila (FIN), Hans op de Beeck (B), Jennifer & Kevin McCoy (USA), Hans Schabus (A), Smith/Stewart (GB) The exhibition attempts to bring together two tendencies which have come to the forefront of contemporary art and to investigate their structural significance – on the one hand the deepening involvement of art with cinematography and with the figures of narration which …

image:Soft Rains


2005, The Joseloff Gallery

Solo exhibition

image:Database Imaginary


2004, Banff Centre

Co-curated by Sarah Cook, Steve Dietz, and Anthony Kiendl Database Imaginary explores artwork and emerging cultural forms by artists who use databases to comment on their uses and to imagine unknown uses. The exhibition contains 23 projects by 33 visual artists from around the world including Hans Haacke, Antonio Muntadas, Edward Poitras, Lisa Jevbratt, and Thomson & Craighead, working in …

image:Frame, Analysis of Movement


2004, Center of Photography at Woodstock

curated by Ariel Shanberg: This exhibition presents artists whose work contemplates the intersection of motion and content, and movement and intent, by examining the architecture of the motion picture. Implicit in their work is a contemplation of the still frame and the echo of Eadweard Muybridge’s ground breaking work of the 1870?s, which brought forth the ability to both reduce …

image:Game Show


2004, James Cohan Gallery

Group Exhibition James Cohan Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of our exhibition The Game Show. The exhibition is based around the notion of "games" as physical, emotional, linguistic and political maneuvers. Wittengenstein, the Viennese fin-de-siècle philosopher, once remarked that the word "game" was virtually impossible to define – for what is not a game in life. In the …

image:Learning to Watch


2004, Sala Rekalde

Solo Exhibition (catalog): Learning to Watch/Aprender a mirar was an exhibition in the sala rekalde that brought together seven works produced by the American artists Jennifer (1968) and Kevin McCoy (1967) over the course of the last four years. The work of these artists in installations, video and photography explores the various modes of imagining perception in a world filled …

image:Open House: Working in Brooklyn


2004, The Brooklyn Museum

Group Exhibition This exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive survey to date of artists working in Brooklyn, with more than 300 works in all media by 200 Brooklyn artists. All of the works on view have been created since 2000, and most are on show for the first time. The exhibition will place special emphasis on the multigenerational, multiethnic, …

image:Our Grotesque


2004, Site Santa Fe

Group Exhibition (curated by Rob Storr, Fifth International Biennial)- If ever there was a moment when the factors that stimulate the grotesque dimensions of the imagination were in flux, this is one of them. The purpose of this exhibition, then, is to bring together a diverse group of contemporary works that in one way or another respond and give new …