image:Northwest Passing


2012, Project Space, Seattle, WA

Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA: Kevin and Jennifer McCoy present Northwest Passing, an exhibition and performance featuring completely improvised tours of Northwest master works. Northwest Passing in an exhibition that presents work from six classic Northwest Artists as a way to ask what we mean by that very phrase “Northwest Art”. The works in the exhibition, borrowed from local government, corporate …

image:The Index


2012, EMPAC, Troy, NY

Index is a commissioned public art installation by Rensselaer arts alumni Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, which consists of multiple sculptures filmed via small, live cameras. The resulting software based video presentation, as well as the models, appear throughout public spaces. Inspired by a J.G. Ballard short story called The Index, in which an alphabetized list of people and places point …

image:Twenty One Twelve


2012, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY

Solo exhibition-Pioneering new media artists whose works explore both time-based and physical reality, the McCoys are perhaps best recognized for constructing subjective databases of film and television material and for creating miniature film sets with live video cameras. The integration of sculpture and video continues in their new exhibition. Pointing to a time 100 years from today Twenty One Twelve …

image:Abu Dhabi is Love Forever


2011, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY

solo show:In August of 2010, the McCoys began a temporary relocation to Abu Dhabi, capitol of the oil rich United Arab Emirates. The projects in this, their fifth, solo show at Postmasters gather their first impressions of life in this complex and often contradictory Middle Eastern culture.

image:Architecture of Fear


2011, z33, Hasselt, Belgium

Architecture of Fear explores how feelings of fear pervade daily life in the contemporary media society. The cause of fear seems interchangeable and constantly fluctuating. Shifting from one thing to the next, often relating to invisible or indirect phenomena’s (terrorism, viral diseases, pollution, financial crisis), anything has the ability to become a potential threat. Rather than an immediate emotional strategy …

image:Brief Histories


2011, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

BRIEF HISTORIES brings together contemporary works responsive to the unfolding events in the region and the larger global happenings of the day. The show will be momentarily materialized in the intimate setting of a villa in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and subsequently posted online. Diverse participants, from six continents, present photography, moving image, installation, drawing, text, and web-based work. Themes …

image:Installation View


2011, Collectorspace, Istanbul, Turkey

Solo Exhibition (curatorial project):Installation View: Streaming Live from a Private New York Collection is a curatorial project by US-based artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy that explores “the private lives of artworks.” For their investigation, the artist/curators have gained access to an extensive private contemporary art collection, and have selected works by William Eggleston, Fischli & Weiss, Susan Hamburger, Louise Lawler, …

image:Installation View


2011, 601 Artspace, New York, NY

For Installation View, the McCoys bend their artistic practice of revealing how meaning is made, to focus on how meaning is displayed. Their curatorial effort here aims to discover the private lives of art works. As an intervention into 601’s affiliated collection, they have created a site-specific exhibition out of non-site-specific art. Whether situated outdoors, in a guesthouse, or in …

image:Mods + Hackers


2011, Young Projects, Los Angeles, CA

For its summer show Young Projects will be focusing on digital projects made by artists working in the realm of game modification, hacking, patching and other code-based practices. The show includes a number of interactive works, where the viewer manipulates the work and thus, the aesthetics of the experience in real time. At the center of the exhibit is the …

image:Co-Existing and Co-Llaborating


2010, Aurora Picture Show

The point between love and hate is a fine line when you live and work with your partner. The shared physical space of the home and mental space of love and relationships has tremendous influences on the art-making process, development and professional drive of individuals. As part of Fotofest’s Biennial event, Aurora will feature the work of six collaborative teams …