Every Anvil

2002, Installation with electronic sculpture and discs

The source material for this work is a collection of one hundred episodes of the Looney Tunes television programme. Each episode is broken down into a series of individual shots. The artists have assigned key words to each instance they found of violence or physical extremity: every fall, every explosion, and every anvil. There are 120 categories in total. Each category is archived on an individual video CD which is labelled in clear, bold lettering and installed in the gallery on a shelf. Video CDs can be played back via the built-in video player.

Exhibition History

LEARNING TO WATCH, 2004, Sala Rekalde

ANIMATIONS, 2003, Kunstwerke- Berlin

LOVE AND TERROR, 2002, Butler Art Institute

FLAY, SPLAY, PLAY, 2002, Espace Paul Ricard