video 1995

Donor is an experimental narrative that uses the technology proposed by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein to posit fertilization as a new area of home economics..... Donor can be seen as science fiction of the present. We think of already existing technologies, but give implications for non-technology in an attempt to their impact on the unconscious psyche, to the archetypal human …

image:Kabin Fever


Performance 1994

Kabin Fever takes place in an installation consisting of two identical wooden boxes approximately 1.5 meters across. Kevin McCoy is closed up inside one box, the viewers in the other. In Kevin’s box are various props and tools: a video camera, an audio cassette deck and tapes, drawing materials, photos, letters, and memorabilia from his past. The audio and video …



Software 1994

Whirligig is software designed for use in a performance or improvisational setting. Images are collected by digitizing them from live video and pre-recorded material. Then the user can play improvised image sequences like an instrument, layering them together, fluttering them back and forth, or using the scratch tool to change sequence direction on the fly. Kevin and Jennifer McCoy have …

image:Snow Burns My Heart


video 1993

A meditation on the passage of time, on the differing qualities of film and video image, and on the slippages between text and image.